New Artist Spotlight - Killa Kelz


New Artist Spotlight - Killa Kelz

Written by Cutty 

    We have a new artist on the platform, Killa Kelz who is from Philadelphia PA, born May 16th, he is here to tell you his story today. He has been in the music game for a while, this is his first time on the platform. Killa Kelz start is very unique as his long-term friend the legendary DJ Doodles. DJ Doodles was the first one to introduce him to the hip-hop culture. Coming up with DJ Doodles he was very closely connected to the music scene more than he knew. When you are this close to greatness, it inspires you to do great things which leads him to an opportunity to perform for Jadakiss. He lets us know to this day, that opportunity changed his life. 

It's a lot of influences who paved the music way for Killa Kelz. With every artist, it's something in music you attract to that speaks to you. His main influences are Jadakiss, Big Daddy Kane, and the legendary 2Pac they give him the biggest motivation for his sound. He fell in love with how authentic and raw their talent was. He always knew he had talent, he said the only time he felt like he was gambling is spending days in the studio just creating not knowing which song was the right one. His passion started before music, his wordplay came from doing poetry. Discovering how easy it was for him to put words together, he had begun doing music and creating creative topics. His goal now is to continue to create his own lane in music and establish himself as a major artist. 

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