New Music Monday - Dussei Divad - August 15th


New Music Monday - Dussei Divad  (August 15th)

Written by Cutty 

    From the east coast to the west coast, Dussei Divad has been making a name for himself. Fresh on the Los Angeles scene, he has already been seen at some A List events, working with some of the true bosses of LA. He came out here ready to elevate his game, coming from the east coast it's a whole different feel on the west. He has been waiting for the right moment to drop his newest music. Today being his birthday, he decided to drop a new track for his fans . The track August 15th to us is a refresher to his fans to hear what he has been working on while on the west coast. 

To get more into the single, the track August 15th is a good mixture of rapping and good melodies. If you never heard any of Dussei music, this is a perfect song to start with. He speaks about a couple things that he is going through, where he is now, and the thankfulness he has for the people still here. It was a perfect song for him to drop on his birthday, it will give you a great vibe and will become a Spotify favorite. 
This is only the beginning for Dussei, he recently just dropped a music video along with his newest single. You can check out both of them below. Let us know what you think about Dussei. 

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Dussei Divad - Falling (Official Music Video)


Dussei Divad - August 15th (Youtube) 


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