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The New Bad Boys Of The South 

Written by Cutty

It's not every day we get to see the start of something beautiful. 80 Grand Music Record Label is just that, a rising independent record label that has a roster of fire starters. Based in Atlanta GA, CEOs Kirvin Santiago out of NY and Ced Wynez out of Miami FL, have come together to create a new way for artists. It's no secret these two would have got together to create something like this, working together in the past on a previous label they both have over 10+ years of music industry experience. The time came at the beginning of the year when they said "It's time" and that's how 80 Grand Music was made. 80 Grand Music was created to represent 8 for wealth & growth and 0 for infinite to show infinite growth throughout the music industry. They have a catalog of music, music videos, and more and have only been running for under a year. 

The start of 80 Grand Music starts with Hope Trilly. Being the first artist on the roster, she sets the tone for the 80 Grand Music culture. Coming out of Queens, NY she is a battle rapper and artist. Her bars are very articulated and you can tell she has been doing music for a long time. We took a listen to her latest single "Pushing P" freestyle and it was a reflection of what she has been going through at that time. She exercised her talent for rapping on this track and gave the people something to get used to if they don't know her. We also listened to her latest single "Pressure" which excited us, even more, to hear more from her. The song itself has a flawless flow and has a bop to it. It is available to buy directly on the 80 Grand Music website. 

It's not just east coast spitters on the roster though, we were able to catch up with their recent signing. CountryDaGod who is from Madison, NC. Scouted in by the Head A&R Jay Pitt. His music is straight downsouth as he represents North Carolina proudly. His music is still hip-hop though, his specialty is rapping checking out his song "Lite The City Up" he talks about he can keep up with the people who are in the city even though he represents the country. His sounds are refreshing because he comes from a place that isn't known and can still be put in the conversation of some of the great from NC. So as we hear more from him, we will be able to see him get into his true prime. More content from CountryDaGod coming in the future. 

Overall, we see this label is onto their way to creating some magical things happening and coming to the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta with this label on the rise. 80 Grand Music is already working on new exclusive content on both of their artist which they say will be coming sooner than we know. They also have some big announcements coming in 2023. So make sure you get in tune with what they are doing now and check out their catalog. 

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Hope Trilly - Pressure Single (Live Performance) 


Hope Trilly - Pressure Single (Spotify)


CountryDaGod - Lite The City Up Single (Official Music Video)


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