Member's Only is Back!


Members Only is Back! 

Written by Cutty 

It was a lot of talks in the past couple of weeks about Members Only being discontinued due to unseen situations, after just winning Platform of the Year, the people were dedicated to keeping the platform where it was. So this Members Only was the return and the stars made sure to show out for Missy Porter. Reminding her what she is doing for the community is needed. Cutty TV Rep Lee Lee was present for the event and was able to give us some exclusive behind-the-scenes. 

The official members came out for this event. DJ Aktive held it down on the 1's & 2's as he does so well. We got to see some returning faces like King Shinobe who has been there since day 1. You also get to see artists like 4th Quarter Rico who has been on a hot streak with the Members Only community. Both artists are building their legacy with every event. We were happy to see New Jersey artists in the building like Blizz Automatik performing his music for the packed show to hear. 

Some of the crowd favorites showed their faces like The Only AB, Dashman, Everything Celz, and Da Renegades. Every time they are in the building the room energy is just so much more different. It was just what Missy Porter needed to know that this was something she had to keep going. The best part of it all had to be when E-Ness pulled up and performed. He was a surprise guest and the people loved his performance. It was everything the Members only community needed to let it be known. They are here to stay! 

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