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Stash & Splash 
A party like no other 

Written by Cutty

Lil Moptop has shown us time and time again how creative he is. Stash & Splash was a Lil Moptop party like no other. The theme of the party was based on his newest cannabis strain he recently created "Moplato" which has been a fan favorite. Lil Mop Top also released a signature strain the day of called "Stash & Splash" which was premiered at the event. Giving out ounces of his strain to over 500+ people who were able to make the event, everyone at the party was able to try the new strain before entering the event. This was only the beginning of what was to come when you walked in. 

Lil Moptop always does a great job with his guests of the night and this event didn't disappoint. Hosted by Mally Cubin he had the people laughing and on their feet. Special Guest mermaids like Lei, Alayah, and more made sure people at the party were having fun. Everyone made sure the people who came had a great time. They also got a treat from sponsors like Sip Loki who is the first cannabis seltzer in the country. Representative Blakbird came to the event on their behalf. 

If the seltzer water didn't get you lit, there were plenty of other sponsors in the house like Mr.Cannabusiness who had cannabis-infused burgers at the event. It was all kinds of cannabis-infused treats and food in the building people felt it. 

The sponsor that left everyone happy was Slapwoods. They supplied gift bags to over 100+ in the event. They gave away their leafs, and other special things for the people who never heard of them can find out. You can see Special Guest Drama B2R holding one in his hand. Everyone at the party was happy, they can roll their wood with a slapwood. 

Now it wouldn't be a stash and splash without some cannabis right? Frooties NJ was in the building alongside Bwearfarms and Moppy farms as they came together to give out ounces of free cannabis for everyone in the event. They threw over 100 bingo balls in the pool and if you picked up the right bingo ball you walked away with some free cannabis for sure. You can also see some of the packagings above from the sponsor of the event Bxcannaprinting who is the printer of the Moplato bags. 

The special guest of the night definitely showed out. Bikelife Rex making a special guest appearance he has been holding down the bike life scene for a while now. Dupree G.O.D. also came through to the event to show some love. Lil Big Mac also showed her face and brought some ladies out. 

If all of that isn't enough, the people also got the treat of some performances from some familiar faces. Trev Mulah & Jigga Flames both made appearances and gave the people a performance. There were also many other people who came to the stage and blessed it. The performers of the night did not disappoint the guest at all. 

Overall, 500+ people later, and many bottles of Casamigos. The stash and splash ended to be a success and everyone had an amazing time. You can actually check out the recap below by ShotByFrzz who gave us a 7-minute mini-documentary. Are you ready for the next stash and splash?

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Stash & Splash Documentary 


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