Members Only (King Lurk Tribute Show)


King Lurk Tribute Show 
at Members Only

Written by Cutty 

Members Only is always a special time but this show, in particular, meant something to the Members Only community. Recently King Lurk, a recording artist out of Philadelphia, lost his life to gun violence. He was always present at the Members Only events either performing or encouraging other artists while they were performing. Missy Porter, the event coordinator, made sure to have an event in his name so people can know who he was. Cutty TV's own Lee Lee was in the building to get some exclusive content from the event. 

King Lurk's girlfriend and cousin (Dreadhead Flaco) were present along with other family members to share this special moment. They both had on custom-made shirts for the event, in honor of King Lurk. It was a lot of people that came out and supported him as they watched his previous performances, listened to his music, and multiple people spoke at the event to give King Lurk the flowers he deserves. Most of the night was spent reminiscing on how great of a person he was, how his music impacted many people, and how it will live on and continue to change the lives of the generation coming up. 

They also had some performances, artists like King Shinobe, 4th Quarter Rico, Da Renegades, and also B.Noir who all gave their heart out on this special night. The vendor of the night was Goldie and the Goodies who had the deserts and brownies for everyone to enjoy. They used their time to spread love in the name of King Lurk and they accomplished that mission. May he forever live on now and forever King Lurk. 


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