The Phoenix Cannabis Awards Music Festival Recap

The Phoenix Cannabis Awards Recap

Written by Cutty

The Phoenix Cannabis Awards Music Festival was this past Friday and it was another good time indeed. This was the first time, Cutty TV or Jersey Watch has covered the one in Arizona so we made sure to get plenty of details for you. The event was held at Legends Event Center with over 5,000 people in attendance overall. They were everything for everyone if you were in the cannabis community. They were giving out awards, they had cannabis vendors, cannabis media influencers, cannabis models, and of course the superstars of the night Mike Jones & Lil Xan. 

The AZ Print Lab was the developer behind the main Phoenix Cannabis Awards Shirt, we spoke with Ashley Morales who is the owner and graphic designer for AZ print lab and she let us know, that “the company's main concern is to print out quality shirts with vibrant colors.” They specialize in quality and we felt it as we were able to pick up one of their limited edition shirts. They sold limited edition shirts that were cultivated around the cannabis awards. 

We also saw some return vendors who came back to the Cannabis Awards brand like Ganja Berry & Royal Blunts making their back-to-back appearances they gave out hemp wraps and ganja berry wraps for everyone in attendance. Another brand that made a comeback was Live To Blaze, a clothing company. We spoke with JT of Live To Blaze and he said “I do every cannabis award I can, it’s a great time every time.” 

We also had the pleasure to connect with a first-timer to the cannabis awards “Cannabis Cactus Magazine” We spoke with one of the contributors and the magazine is based out of Phoenix AZ, but serves nationwide as their app allows them to distribute cannabis education to people all over the country. The magazine is based around cannabis influencers who teach about cannabis, local cannabis brands and companies, and also reviews other cannabis products. 

It's always a great time to see brands like Rove & Dime Industries. Both brands making a return back to the cannabis awards, Dime Industries was in the building, showing the people their newest flavor that is coming out very soon. They were allowing people to try it and give their feedback. Rove, was also there with their vape line showing people what is to come summer of 2022. If you have been to the cannabis awards, you know that it is known for giving away things. So this year was no different, Tattoo’s & Smoke sponsored multiple giveaways like bongs, papers, care packages, and more. Frost Fire Farms sponsored the VIP rooms with flower as they are a company out of Tucson, AZ. They also showed an exclusive strain called “Triple Chocolate Chip”. 

The place had so many vendors, we didn’t get a chance to get in contact with everyone. There were so many other people there we didn’t get a chance to talk to. We do want to talk about the performances of the night, It was more than 10+ performers for the night and we were able to catch most of them. Music artist Marc Ventura who won “Musician of the year” performed at the award show shortly after winning his trophy. His performance was a crowd favorite as people can see why he won musician of the year. 

To start off the night of the stars, Legend Kurupt from Death Row Records performed. Being one of the headliners of the night, he had the place going crazy as he performed some of his old classics that the people knew word for word. When he touched the stage, the people gave him attention. You can tell it was something he enjoyed, as he gave the people a legendary performance. 

Another big name to hit the stage was Mike Jones. This was not the first Cannabis Awards Mike Jones has performed at. He performed at the Orange County Cannabis Awards and the people loved the performance he gave, this time was nothing less than that. Starting his set with songs people knew like “Back Then” & “Next To You” he had people wondering where has Mike Jones been? He answered their question as he previewed new music that is on the way called “Down Down” asking the crowd for their feedback on it. He let everyone know, that he is working on a new single and will be dropping more coming in 2022. 

To end out the night of stars we were able to see Lil Xan, this was his first time at the Cannabis Awards. Backstage, he was gifted a care package by Dime Industries and Rove. He made sure to show love to all of the sponsors of the show and we awaited his performance. Lil Zan opened his set with his song that just went Gold as he let the crowd know it changed his life. Doing songs like “Betrayed” and more he gave the crowd a legendary performance and before he got off stage he made a big announcement. He told the crowd not only has he been sober for 50 days but he is dropping Lil Xan and only going by Diego. A new chapter in his career and he told the crowd “ This will be a new me, new music, a new team around me. I am happy again.” 

The Phoenix Cannabis Awards was a legendary night. So many performers, so many winners of awards, and lastly a beautiful cannabis community united together. There is so much that you will have to wait and see. It was a night like no other and more exclusive content will be coming on Cutty TV YouTube

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