Missy Porter presents "Members Only" This week, E-ness's Philadelphia Cheesecake release


Battle Rap Legend E-Ness 
releases newest Cheesecake line
at Member's Only in Philadelphia on Monday

        For the past couple of month's on Monday Night "Member's Only" has been one of the best places to go to for an indie artist. This past Monday, was another special night indeed. Every artist and attendee had the opportunity to not only be the first ones to try E-Ness's brand new cheesecake line but watch an exclusive performance from the battle rap legend himself. Member's Only is a platform put together by Missy Porter and associates at 1122 Studios to allow artists to perform and network with other heavy hitters in the game. This past Monday we have a couple of noble names to mention as every week there is. 

        One of the special names that stuck out of the night was The Only AB, of Gorilla Empire. Her style and music makes her relatable to some woman as she opened up with a song about how someone in the past did her dirty and she is leveling her way up in the industry. The song that she ended with "Beezy Bop" is what really showcased her rap lyrics but kept it ladylike. She was the only female to perform which is a rare sight we are excited to see what she does for 2022. 

        A newcomer to the Member's Only Monday's is an artist by the name of Bash Ske. He came to show the people he hasn't gone anyway by performing his latest single "No Way". A song about how people feel like he left but they are no competition to where he is then or now. He had the crowd screaming during his set "I seen it all on that backblock!" a part of a song he performed during his set. Bash Ske definitely made his statement this Monday. 

    Another newcomer who came this past Monday who caught the attention of even E-Ness is an artist by the name of Everything Cellz. He may be new to the platform but he is not new at performing, as E-Ness put him on his story and tagged him he was so impressed. He comes to the platform with loads of energy and confidence that the whole room can feel when he is performing. He is someone that the platform will want to see come back again. 

    The last mention we have of the night is someone who caught everyone's eye. This artist goes by the name of Money Maica. He is from Jamaica and does drill music. His creative eye and lyrics make you listen and he speaks exactly what you want to hear out of hip-hop. He is now staying in Bristol so we hope to see him more in Philly. His performance of the night lets you know he will soon be a star. 

    Now, you cant forget about the delicious dessert of the night E-Ness's signature cheesecake. E-Ness did his first taste test in his hometown Philadelphia at the Member's Only event. E-Ness has a love for the platform and felt this was the best place to debut them. If you are a fan of E-Ness, then you know the famous Cheesecake story. That's right the famous Diddy made E-Ness and others walk to Brooklyn for a piece of cheesecake while on Making The Band. It was a joke E-Ness has heard his whole career that he wanted to turn into a business. So what was once a joke is now an official business. The E-Ness brand "Ness Philadelphia Cheesecake" will be hitting major stores as soon as 2022, but for now, there will only be private pop-ups that you will have to follow their Instagram to stay updated on. As a special treat for everyone who came to the event E-Ness did an exclusive performance and personally gave out cheesecakes to the people in attendance. 

Make sure to follow Missy Porter on Instagram - @missy_porter_ for more details on the next one!

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