Can you survive a real life squid games? 12/18 try your chances. Read more about this

 The party of the year

Another Squid Game Party
by 999 Productions & Another Planet Studios

If you have been on Instagram then you may have seen this flyer on your timeline. Lil Moptop and 999 productions are teaming up with another planet studios to bring you the party of the year. This event has been getting a lot of promotion, it's been scenes of them flash mobbing NYC passing out Squid Game cards given strangers an opportunity to play the game. The event is going to take place in Brooklyn NYC on December 18th. Owner of LSG Software Jeff Mejia and Another Planet Studios help curate the event alongside Lil Mop Top as the idea came from the NetFlix series Squid Games. So 50 contestants will compete for $1,000 and play a real-life squid game, like red light, green light, and tug of war. The event will be hosted by Sammiey & Lil Mop Top as there will be special guest performances by Jigga Flames, Trev Mulah, and Lil Moptop of course. The night is guaranteed to be a good night for you to enjoy, sponsors of the event include Unregular Pizza & LSG Software and Jersey Watch. If you feel like you have what it takes, make sure you pick up your tickets below! 

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Watch a BTS of the flashmob in NYC


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