Top 5 Indie picks of the week (08/02/21) featuring Cali tha Chef & Cellxblock


Looking for new music? Check out the Top 5 of the week these artists are all indie and have been making some noise this week!

Who is your favorite artist on this list? This week people have been mentioning these songs all over social media and we think you should be the next to listen! 

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#1 Troy Reign

Troy Reign is new to the site but not new to music. His music is very well-rounded and developed. We caught this song on the 'We Are Jersey" magazine site and we had to highlight it. Check out Troy Reign's newest video " Alon on Danse" which seems to be a TikTok-inspired song but touches on topics we can all relate to. 

Troy Reign - Alon On Danse


#2 Cellxblock 

Cellxblock from Pemberton NJ has been making his way back onto the scene. Cellxblock a lyrical monster gives his fans wanting more after every song you listen to. He spits mostly pain in his music but he does have a fun side. In his latest music video "We ain't homie's" it's a perfect example of pain and hunger. If Cellxblock isn't in your top 5, make room for him. Watch this video below and let us know if he made the cut. Shot by Xavier Luciano

CellxBlock - We ain't homies


#3 RBR Guap

Camden artist Rbr Guap has been putting on for a while now. He has a very unique sound to his music. He can spit with almost anyone who is doing hip-hop right now. His life story gives him even more confidence to show the world exactly who he is. With another collaboration with an artist on RBR from Alabama RBR Drakko this song is a hit for the summer. Watch the latest video "Trap Phone" below. 

RBR Guap ft. RBR Drakko - Trap Phone


#4 YA$E

Making a fresh entry to the blogsite, Jersey artist YA$E is back with some new music for us. This song is a summertime late-night vibe. Its a song about loving toxic people which whoever loves toxic things are going to definitely love this song. Make sure you check out the "Toxic" music video below and let us know what you think! How much do you love your toxic partner?

Ya$e - Toxic 


#5 Cali Tha Chef

Cali tha chef is no stranger to the platform, Since his exclusive interview, he has been on tour, shot so many more music videos, and made so much more music. He is back this week with a single he made called "Body Language". Cali tha chef made sure to speak to the ladies on this song. So ladies tell us what you think of this new song! Shot by True Weltch Media

Cali Tha Chef - Body Language 


These are the Top 5 Indie music videos that caught our attention this week
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