Top 5 Indie picks of the week (07/26/21) featuring Mar Lux & Sunnie


Looking for new music? Check out the Top 5 of the week these artists are all indie and have been making some noise this week!

Who is your favorite artist on this list? This week people have been mentioning these songs all over social media and we think you should be the next to listen! 

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#1 So Gaudy

So Gaudy has been making his name heard around Las Vegas, from being featured on SayCheeseTV to performing with the big stars on stage. So Gaudy is someone to keep your eye on. His most recent song "Money" has been going viral and we invite you to watch it with us!

So Gaudy ft.44wxrld - Money 


#2 Mar Lux

Mar Lux is a name you should know if you're from NJ! He has been dropping heat back to back. He is saying goodbye to his hometown and moving down to ATL so if you in town make sure you tap in with Mar Lux. He is next to blow! Check out his latest song "Leave NJ" below! Shot by Arod2up 

Mar Lux - Leave NJ


#3 Sunnie 

Sunnie has been changing the music industry ever since she walked in. 2020 we got a lot of amazing content out of her and she has not seemed to have slowed down since. Her latest single "Feeling Like You" is another Sunnie classic that will melt your heart. So if you weren't a fan before then prepare to be one! Watch her latest music video below. 

Sunnie - Feeling Like You 


#4 Double up CMD 

Double up has been making a lot of news since coming back home. He made it a mission to really change his life and pursue music the right way, and it seems to be working out for him. In his latest video, you can hear his story and his versatile flow. You can watch his newest video below "Hunger Pangs". 

Double Up CMD - Hunger Pangs 


#5 WorldisGualaa

Making his way back to the top 5 indie picks of the week, WorldisGualaa is back with another good song. This is his second time on the top 5 list so that should tell you enough. He linked up with Tayyofficial for his visual and it is a masterpiece. He also has a feature on here lil muk that compliments the song. Check out Worldisgualaa newest video "Eye 4 Eye". 

WorldisGualla ft. Lil Muk - Eye 4 Eye


These are the Top 5 Indie music videos that caught our attention this week
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