DJ Jay Lew's #1 Showcase in Las Vegas (08/08/21)


DJ Jaylew (Host of event)  DJ Memphis (DJ of the night)

DJ Jay Lew's #1 Showcase in Las Vegas is back

    This past Sunday, DJ Jay Lew hosted an indie music showcase in Las Vegas at Xtreme Comedy Club. The DJ of the night was celebrity DJ DJ Memphis. The night was filled with special guests, and great performances all night. The food of the night was catered by the Vegan God who was serving Rasta Pasta, Buffalo Fried cauliflower. The night was one to be there for. It was a special night for DJ Jay Lew who announced at the event last night, He was planning on buying the venue and keeping it alive in Las Vegas. His words were "We have to stick together in this community, I want to help keep this venue alive. So I will be buying it very soon." 

Last night it was a lot of superstar talent in the building though, while we weren't able to catch everyone's performance. The ones we did catch were amazing. The first performer "Black Ice" is a famous Freemont street performer. Music is a passion of his and he expresses it anytime he gets the opportunity. He performed a couple songs but the main ones we remember were "Lessons" which he started with and rocked the crowd with. He also ended his set with a familiar song also "Get to the bag" which the music video is available on youtube now. 

DJ Jay Lew brought out the special guest also, he had alot of important people in the building. One person who came to scout out the talent was NFL Veteran "John Crockett" who came out to see the talent in the building. He watched some performances and gave his feedback to a couple also. Another special guest he had in the building was his Podcast host "Karma" who annouced her and DJ Jay Lew will be doing a new podcast very soon. He also had people fly in just for the event, including artist and store owner "GP" from Houston Texas. 

A performer who caught our eye out of all of the contestants was "Itz Cartier", he had a very strong presence while he was performing on stage. Born in CA, Cartier came out to the showcase to give the people a feel of the real west coast sound. His song "How I'm Living" is his single he is pushing now. This song is on all platforms now. He ended his set with a song called "Actin Up" which gave us a real bop feel to the song. He is definitely a west coast artist to stay on the lookout for. 

A headliner of the night, "Indika" came out and was a fan favorite. She had flew in from Hollywood CA, to perform at the event. The people at the event was anticipating her performance all night, she gave off a lot of good energy before she stepped on the stage. Her single she performed "I can't feel my face" gives you a perfect LA sound. This song is set to release soon. She has a new music video out now you can see. The song name is "Elon Musk"

The last performance we seen of the night was by a special performer. He was a hispanic performer and showed alot of pride in where he came from. This artist name was "Piez" he is an artist/song writer who is really the sound of the west coast. His style is versatile, last night he had trap song and love songs both in his set. He made sure to let everyone in the room feel of one as he preached about unity during his set. He gave the room a positivie feel along with good music. He is someone to look out for definitely. 

What do you think of the #1 Las Vegas showcase by DJ Jay Lew?


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