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 Fatz Fizzy

In true Philly fashion, Fatz Fizzy showed up real and brotherly. Open to all questions and imparting the knowledge that he has gained throughout his continued rise as a prominent indie rapper. In the space of the music industry, especially the independent scene; often there is a distance from the media and limelight. Yet, with the traction of his talent paired with his dedication and persistence, success and fame are inevitable. For this reason and more, Jersey Watch had to get an exclusive. Jersey Watch first encountered Fatz Fizzy at a recent Members Only event, where his talent propelled him to win the nights showcase. Most recently, I had the opportunity to get to know Fatz Fizzy and what he stands for, what his music means, and where his motivation is grounded.


Q: Tell me about yourself a little, where are you from? 

A: Fatz Fizzy

I am originally from Philly, Hunting Park, around 12th and Lycoming. In ninth grade I moved to Delaware, then headed to Oklahoma; we ended up coming back because my Pop was sick. I have been rapping since.  Right after high-school I took to it, found my motivation, style, and have been putting in the work ever since.

Q: What motivated you to start rapping?

A: Fatz Fizzy

My older brother was my motivation, World P. I looked up to him. He always had the flyest cars, nice chicks, he was everything I wanted to emulate. I never thought Id be where I am today, and I am because I took his example and used it as motivation. I started doing my own recording, making beats, and really teaching myself to rap. I started going out and doing shows, getting my face seen. Now I am at a point where if I am out and known, I no longer need to be introduced. My rap presence, my artistry, and my name are solidified.

Q: Did you have any musical influence or role models, outside of personal relationship?

A: Fatz Fizzy

Man! If I had a dollar for every time someone listened to me and said I sound like Fab, or they get that impression, I would be rich. But rightfully so, Fab and Lloyd Banks are like my Top 2. Growing up I would play whole albums out. I remember Hunger for More, listening to that 20 times before I hit the bed. Their punchlines and flow; Man,  I would say Fab and Lloyd have definitely influenced me and my music.

Q: As an indie artist, what do you think separates you from the mainstream?

A: Fatz Fizzy

Indie artists do more than mainstream artists. Its from the gutter and more starved. We are hungrier.  I would be hitting the studio 3-4 days a week, giving it my all just to make it. Rapping for two people just like I would for two hundred. Having to save up six-seven paychecks for features and other essentials, that is an indie artist. But I like Indie artistry, in fact, I prefer it. No one can take control of what is mine and I am carving my own lane. Everything is from scratch; this is 100% mines.

Q: You are making a name for yourself, for sure. How was that process?

A: Fatz Fizzy

It was a climb, and when I started it was a little slow. I still had work to do, finding my sound and developing my style. But then I began to get into pivotal spaces. How I won the Roddy Rich contest, really got my feet wet. I’ve collaborated with the Styles P Show, with Bobby Smurdha; opened for Roddy Rich, DaBaby, Fab, and Lil Baby. I have been in these spaces, and even chilled with Lil Baby, had offers to come out there and do my thing. Honestly, I should’ve, but I could not take the risk at the time. No harm though because I am moving into my success regardless. Lately, I have been just grinding and perfecting my craft. To date, I have four albums out, Family Affair, From a Hobby to a Hustle, Flight Plan 911, and 4. I found myself stuck on an album, but once I realigned my focus and craft, that one drop became four, real quick. I remember starting of with like 2000 streams, and in a year, it jumped to 150,000. It is a humbling feeling and a greater experience.

Q:  So, what about any new music. You have anything in the works?

A: Fatz Fizzy

For sure. I have a new hit single out called Voodoo, streaming on iTunes. Currently working on a remix to that,  I also have a new project coming out, Chiseled in Stone. Should be out late August – September, I feel like this is that project! Every song speaks to me, it has pieces of my story and my life. I named it and it based in the thought that, “when something is chiseled in stone, its permanent.” It is a life branding, and my life, my sound will speak for itself.

Q: I have seen you host at perform at Members Only presented by Missy Porter. Did you benefit from the Members Only stage?

A: Fatz Fizzy

Rapping is not new to me; I have been rapping and performing for the past ten years at least. But my more recent success and rise, I can attribute in large part to the Members Only platform. So,  last year in February, I had got the opportunity to open for Roddy Rich. I got a call, while at work and I just had to take it. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I explained this to management and headed for the door. With that I began to see the path to my dream. Two months later, COVID hit. January 2021, I started at Members Only after meeting Missy Porter on Clubhouse one day and connecting with Ace Da Chemist. I have been a part of Members only ever since. Hosting gives me the opportunity to network and for people to get to know me. Missy Porter has given me the platform at 1122, to also promote my music and strengthen my sound.


Q: What is your end goal? Where do you see yourself in let us say 5 years’ time?

A: Fatz Fizzy

I honestly feel like, when I hit the game, I am seriously going to really blow up. I’m going to have that Drake and J.Cole Effect, with my authentic and clean rap style. My goal is to just stack millions, take care of my family, build a house in Africa, and say goodbye.

Q: What advice would you give up an upcoming indie artist?

A: Fatz Fizzy

I would tell up and coming artists to never doubt themselves. The traction they see, they need to believe that its there for a reason. Never give up, and always reach for your passion. There will be complications and issues along the way but learn from them. Stay solid, remain humble, take on and learn from all opportunities. Its your job to make motion and move from your stagnation. And never, ever count yourself out. 


Fatz Fizzy ended with shout outs: To my camera man whos been working and helping him develop my visual artistry. To Missy Porter for giving me platform and Ace da Khemist for helping to upgrade my sound. Shout out to my brother World P, for my inspiration and my example. To my mom for always having my back, and pops, because without him I wouldn't have kept on going. 

A true talent and rising indie rap artist. Fatz Fizzy is someone to look after, follow him and support his music. The inspiration, the motivation, and story comes across in his lyric and his is demeanor. He is the example of an indie dream and the pursuit of ones passion over stagnation. In listening to his music you can understand and see the experience and wisdom that comes across in his words above. Check out Fatz Fizzy (@fatzfizzy), check his music out on Spotify. You can also support him and the Member Only Showcase on Monday nights where you can catch him performing live. 


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