Kid Jazz made sure everyone in Philadelphia had a great Thanksgiving


One Indie Artist saved many lives this Thanksgiving 

If you dont know Kid Jazz he is an indie artist out of Philadelphia who has been making great music for some years now, If you didn't see him with some of the other Philadelphia stars like DramaB2R, Brygreatah, and more. Then here is a different way of meeting him! This past week Kid Jazz and a couple of his associates went out this thanksgiving week to give to those in need. He wanted to make sure the people in Philadelphia felt love through this tough time. "With everything going on I just want to be the reason for someone's smile this Thanksgiving" - Kid Jazz. The effort was seen by many residents of Philadelphia as they showed him a lot of love while he was out there. Kid Jazz and his camp gave over 100+ turkeys to the residents of Philadelphia. Its good to know that with everything going on in the world that someone has a big heart. People in Philadelphia will never forget this day and after this they will certainly not forget Kid Jazz and what him and his team did for the less fortune on Thanksgiving week. 

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