Ayo Modd is ending 2020 with a bang, check out his story


Ayo Modd is here to set 2021 on fire!

Ayoo Modd is an artist out of Olney Philadelphia, who has been working hard this year to set up for 2021. It was a drastic year for Modd being on the streets of Philadelphia and he has overcame all his losses and turned them around into a superstar year. He has been putting everything together to get his family out of the hood's of Philly and onto a new life so they can have a new beginning. He has came from very humble beginnings trying to get people to notice him to now he has everyone paying attention. We believe Ayo Modd has everything it takes to takeover 2021! This is great indie music so make sure you have time to check Ayo Modd's extensive catalog. The music video "My Story" is about true things that happen in Modd's life like the absence of his father, and coming from the streets of Philadelphia. He also explains in the song that he didn't plan the life of rap but it worked out in the end for him. In the song he expresses his love for Olney and the relationships he has made in his time.  and it speaks his pain he has been through. We drop his latest video below and we want to know what you think so make sure you leave a comment below and give him a follow!

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Ayo Modd (My Story) Official Video


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