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SinInABottle Contest Powered by SinInABottle!

It is time for the annual contest from the up and coming liquor brand SinInABottle, they plan on giving away one massive first prize for one lucky person! Cutty TV was involved in it last year and when they got asked this year they couldn't say no! So if you win first price we are throwing in a front page writeup in the exclusive section as an incentive on top of the other first round prizes! So if your interested in joining make sure to contact @sininabottle and send them a picture of yourself. Each contestant will have their picture posted on the SinInABottle instagram page. The main goal of the contest is to get everyone to like your picture and to get the most likes out of the other contestants. The winner with the most likes on their picture wins the contest! So make sure to follow SinInABottle today so you can join the contest! It is advised we invite all creators, artist, and entrepreneurs who need content. This contest is for you, we are looking to help during the pandemic. This is our way of helping out and making sure you still get opportunities! So tell your fans, tell your friends, once your in the contest to like the picture and share it to their story and to tag you and SinInABottle! Maybe they will repost you! You have until November 16th at 7PM, Contest starts November 13th at 7am. Good luck! 

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