Vigilante speaks on his sneaker deal, getting 1M views and also financial advice

Vigilante tells us "I just want people to want more for themselves"

In this exclusive interview we sit down with Vigilante, he was born in Flint but has moved over to ATL and has made a name for himself! He is an actor, rapper, and mogul he has done many things and helped many people along the way. He started out as a rapper looking to make it big and when it didn't come as fast, another venture came his way acting. Which ended up putting the food on the table and also lead him to getting 1M views on TVOne. He said "When I first started I didn't realize as an rapper entrepreneur your at the bottom of the list to get paid and with acting I was getting paid" So he went on to featured on major roles and in major movies like the Tupac movie. He gives us that and more but he also talks about how he got his sneaker deal, and why he went with the company MLO Shoes. We ended the interview off with financial advice for the younger generation so if you dont know anything about money then you should definitely watch this to get a better idea of it! 

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Vigilante Exclusive Interview 


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