The 6th Annual Natural Mystic Fair featuring Raury in ATL GA


The 6th Annual Mystic Fair featuring Raury 

Yesterday was the 6th Annual Mystic Fair at Cascade Nature Preserve, The owner of Tassili's Raw and I am Ascension Temple of Love brought the beautiful event together. The event started with some spoken word bringing people aware of their natural self. They had activities where you had to pick a stranger and do live mediation with them! It was a free event for the community and is a weekend long event! This being the first part of it, later in the event Raury, an artist inside of ATL did live music for the people at the event. He brought everyone together by the falls and brought the vibes out of you! His music made people dance, it made people smile, and it was nothing but love filled when he did his set. It was a true soothing experience and should definitely be looked out for the rest of the weekend if you are in the ATL area! 

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