Exclusive Interview : Teddy Martin opens up about his newest album "Funfetti"


Teddy Martin dropped his second album "Funfetti" 

In this exclusive interview we get to sit down with one of the artist from Worldwide Tunes Teddy Martin who gives us an insight on his experience on Worldwide Tunes, he talks about how he started, and also him moving to Ohio what it did for him and his career which led him back to Los Angeles where he would perform on Sunset Blvd. His inspiration comes from Michael Jackson and the Jackson's period. So if your a fan of them then you will like what Teddy Martin has for you. He also talks about his newest album with is available now "Funfetti" where he says this is a more laid back and fun album versus his first album "Roosevelt" which he said was a more serious album for him. So make sure you learn this and more in this interview below and tell us what you think! 

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Exclusive Interview W/ Teddy Martin 

Funfetti Album on Apple Music 


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