Gherbo vs Lil Durk IG Live Event Recap

The Celebration of Chicago Rap Legends 
Gherbo vs Lil Durk IG Live 

If you missed out we have the recap for you. It was an event we wish we seen in person. Two top tier Chicago legends are going head to head playing hit for hit. In celebration of each others success and where the have both came from it was an amazing start to the Memorial Day weekend. The beginning started off for the streets as both artist played songs they did for the streets themselves. The next round led into them both playing songs from back in the day that if you weren't an A1 fan you didn't know that drew in the fans early who know both of the artist. For the next round we quickly noticed a "That beat maaly raw" with Gherbo starting the round so we knew it was going to be a good round after Herb started Lil Durk kicking things up a notch and played "Neighborhood Hero" and thats when the rest of the rounds both artist dug deep into their catalogue and played the best. After watching it we wanted to make our own list of songs we feel like were missing! Which songs do you feel like could of been added to this epic showdown? Comment below 

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The Full Battle Lil Durk vs Gherbo


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