Fresh Hot Talent! B. Munro from Jersey!

Check out B. Munro! A new rising star to the scene! 

Coming from a place that is usually looked over; Camden NJ, B.Munro arises from the talked about city, with grit, attitude and confidence. The writer/rapper makes a stunning debut with her first single "The End" Big things ahead for this fast talking beauty. She has dropped three songs recently and the people have been loving it! We want to introduce to her now so your not late! Her song Dutty Wine is a loving song that the ladies will enjoy if you got a freak side! If you want to hear her bars make sure you check out the song "Flex on em" thats where you'll be able to hear her really spit bars! If your in the mood to talk about that guy who did you wrong then make sure you listen too "The End" that song she lets whoever let her go know that he will be missing out on whats coming! So if any of those fit you then check out the songs below! Make sure to follow B. Munro also! This wont be the last time you'll see her on Jersey Watch! 

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Check out those songs mentioned above below!

Dutty Wine


Flex on em


The End

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