Exclusive Listen - YNG Brizy - Anchor EP

YNG Brizy's highly anticipated EP "Anchor"is almost here! Here is our review! 

We had a chance to check out YNG Brizy's newest project "Anchor" and we can say you guys who have been waiting are in for a treat! The coverart concept itself takes you inside of what has been going on with YNG Brizy as he is fresh off of tour and dealing with a couple of recent loses throughout the year which he explains on this EP if your listening. His single "The Real" which has been previewed on instagram for quite some time now. YNG Brizy tells a lot of what has been going on and gives his fans the reasoning for the wait! You will find instant favorites on there like "Church" and "Hall of fame" it shows YNG Brizy's new transition in music he is taken. If you want a preview of Anchor the leading single off of the project (Song name - TBH) recently made Cassanova's mixtape which is available on Soundcloud now. Overall the project is very solid and the people who have been waiting will be very pleased they waited!

Anchor EP - YNG Brizy 
Release Date - TBA 

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These are some of the up coming artists I felt the need to help out.They are working hard trying to chase their dreams.DM @2xentertainment__ the artist that you think needs to be on the next mix tape I host ? I want everyone to win 😤 UP COMING ARTIST MIXTAPE IN MY BIO 1)Don’t feel me-@enricoodesantiss 2)my body different- 3)goat talk- @ynt.klane 4)foreign-@yng_uche 5)copy cat-@_kanei 6)you aint nobody-@thehigherupsbbv 7)hot bitch-@crackjesusnfy 8)Jesus sandals-@reekiano 9)T.B.H-@@yngbrizy 10)hack you the one-@sethfactss 11)party-@kstarrofficiall 12)tune in-@big_tick 13)come correct-@jayamiri_5 14)bam talk to me-@iamyasminblu 15)worth it-@kev_hollywood 16)on fire-@vsfriz 17)hello-@10toestreets 18)5 brothers-@lorctk 19)look at me now-@tyexlarry 20)to the walls-@kengrizzy 21)feds watching-@gappo960 22)souljababy-@officialrows
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