Exclusive Listen - Neyquam - Reborn Album

Its been years in the making! Are you ready for Reborn?

We have some details below

Its been years since Neyquam announced the Reborn Album and the people have been patiently waiting for it! The time is almost over! Neyquam has dropped two singles since the announcement of Reborn "Pain" and "Big Cash Flow" and the questions started being asked when is Reborn coming out? We had the pleasure to hear some of the tracks off of the album and heres some details we can give you. You can keep an eye out for some of his features for sure! The artist Don who makes a couple of appearances compliments the tape very well! You can also find the AOB Clique Spooky, Hoop, and Killaveli on there also! You will instantly hear the growth since his last project "Perfection" and he switches the flow up for sure on a couple songs to show you what he has been working on while you guys were waiting! Its an album that has something for everyone whatever mood your in so you will definitely have something for your Spotify playlist when it comes out! We have an exclusive off of the reborn album below for you to listen too and get a feel for whats coming soon! Tell us in the comments below when he should drop! 

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Neyquam - Reborn Album 
Release Date - TBA 

Exclusive from Reborn Album Below 


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