Repost Fridays Recap 04/24/19

Repost Friday - Given indie artist opportunities to have their fans help them win!

It was another Repost series and it was better then the last one! Over 20+ artist took advantage of Repost Fridays but a couple of them took our eye early! Cash Montana & Poppy O started the day off early with comments flooding in! It was a head race once those two joined the Repost Fridays' battling back and forth both fanbases doing their job to make sure they stay in the top 4 for the day! Big money general came in later and it changed the whole scene as he was starting to make his name known! His fans came in very fast and flooded his post and instantly put him in the top 4 for the day! Throughout the day notable mentions are Yayo Mike who made the Top 4 at one point of the day and also Prlmchld who also came in making some early noise! Later in the day it was clear the top 3 were battling at this point and wanted to prove who was going to make it home! The top 3 changed at least 3 times throughout the day but the names stayed the same Big Money General, Cash Montana, Poppy O the only question would be who would make it to the end on top? In the end Cash Montana came out on top nearly doubling second place and taken home the crown of this session of Report Fridays! Make sure you follow him! You will see him on here sooner then you think! Shoutout to all of the artist who participated! We hope your ready for the next round!! 

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