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Toshocon 2023

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Peaceman is the MC of Toshocon, and he gave us plenty of exclusives about the event. He let us know about the special guests who were at the event. His family and he have been assisting Toshcon for years; lastly, he goes in to talk about the future of Toshcon. Come hear the exclusives in this interview. Watch the full interview below.


Richard Baratta

Richard Baratta is a world-famous producer who has worked on many Marvel movies and did some original music for everyone who came out to see him. He brought his band out and talked about how far they have grown since playing together. We also get to talk to his keyboardist. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Rick Stromoski 

Rick Stomoski is a cartoonist and book author, and he was at the event teaching kids how to draw cartoons. Rick's story wasn't just a straight line to success, as he goes into talk about his book writing journey and how it's going. He also gives some advice to young aspiring book authors. Watch the full interview below.


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