The Last Melanin Market in Willingboro (Exclusive Interviews)

The Last Melanin Market in Willingboro 

Written by Cutty 

A&J Sweet Treats

A&J Sweet Treats are no stranger to the Melanin Market, and while she's been able to a couple of them, she said it was important for her to make this one. She sells all kinds of covered treats and dips them in chocolate. The Melanin Market has been part of her business for quite some time and has allowed her to expand at high levels. Watch this exclusive interview below.


EJ Soaps

EJ Soaps came all the way from Boston, MA, to be apart of the Melanin Market. It was her first time doing the Melanin Market. She said this was everything she wanted inside of an event. The people loved her chemical-free soaps and loved her energy. She said she is ready to go on tour, so she will be in a city near you soon! Watch this exclusive interview below.



Jae was the kid performer of the night and had the room on fire. She had a lot of people on their feet and was very impressed with her. She is a 15-year-old singer, and she says she wants to inspire kids to go after their dreams and not be afraid to jump. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Latifa Hawkins 

Latifa Hawkins is a first-timer on the platform, as she has a t-shirt brand and also makes special juices called Drink2Shrink. These juices actually help you lose weight and keep your body healthy. They have natural ingredients that are good for your body. You can hear about the juices and the t-shirt business now. Watch this exclusive interview below.



Sole of Vintage Extinction has been with the Melanin Market since the beginning, and she can say that she and her business have grown because of the Melanin Market and the opportunities it has given her. Her clothing line, Vintage Extinction, has different seasonal pieces that complement streetwear clothing. If you ask Sole, the best part about all of this is doing it in her hometown. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Shelby Parris 

Shelby Parris is another veteran of the Melanin Market, as he came in as a 1x book author and ended the Melanin Market as a 6x book author and on the Amazon Best Sellers List. This year was special for him because he was able to speak at the event and talk about his journey that led him to where he is today. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Jo Rivers 

It wouldn't be a Melanin Market without a beautiful black queen performing, and they picked one of the best. Jo Rivers from Camden was able to perform at the last Melanin Market and talks about how much this has made an impact on the community. She is so happy that she is a part of the historty with the Melanin Market in Willingboro. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Kay Leno

Kay Leno has been attending the The Melanin Market for quite some time now. Kay Leno of Press Pause Productions loves to come cover the event and be a part of the black excellence you get from attending the Melanin Market. He knows how much the Melanin Market has impacted willingboro forever. This is something he says is special, and years from now we will remember this. Watch this exclusive interview below.



The man with the plan, Marweezz, had just a thought when his idea was born, but it is now expanding to other cities. He felt very grateful to see everyone come out and support the event. When he first started the Melanin Market, it was about giving the smaller people a voice and an opportunity to grow in their community. This is all a dream come true. Watch this exclusive interview below.

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