Neon Jungle Jersey Takeover Edition

Jersey Takeover (Neon Jungle) 

Written by Cutty 

Neon Jungle is easily becoming one of the best things to do on a Saturday night. This Saturday night was a special one indeed as it was a Jersey takeover! Every band was from New Jersey; the bands consisted of Heathmongers, The Neverends, Holzli Band, and Heavy Flow. Every band had a different element to them that made the night so special. The best part for us was that everyone was from New Jersey, and the bands came ready to represent. The Neverends were the band that kicked off the night for us, and it was also their first time at Neon Jungle. They played some real rocking tunes; you could hear people downstairs rocking along with them. They went on to let us know how much they appreciate what Neon Jungle does for their bands and how they made them feel very welcomed and at home. They went on to say this was one of the best basement shows they have done in a long time, comparing others to Neon Jungle.

The night was only the beginning of the talent of the night the Holzli Band came to have fun with the Neon Jungle. They had a set that had the real rock stars juiced up. When we asked them what inspired their set of the night, they went on to say the crowd. They gave us a lot of high energy, and we knew they were ready for what we were about to present. You could tell they really enjoyed playing for them, as you could feel the passion from the stage. They wanted to set the tone for everyone, and we believe they did just that. They are set to release a new EP, and they played a couple tracks from it and were excited to get a standing ovation afterward. It put inspiration into them by showing that their project is ready for release.

We always love to see a band with a female member, and Heathmonger came through and showed out. Being that March is Women's History Month, we love to see that rock stars can be guys or girls. The band Heathmonger was quick to show the crowd that they could rock out with the big boys too. The Heathmonger set was very diverse as well; that was one of the things we loved the most. They were able to switch the mood and still keep everyone fully involved with the show. They played a couple new songs that they debuted also, and they said, What's a better place to preview them than with a crowd that loves good music? They played on the crowd, bringing them up and down the whole set, and at the end, the people enjoyed it. They didn't know how it was going to go, but they also went on to say, "When it comes to Neon Jungle, you know you're going to get what you're looking for."

The headliner of the night didn't disappoint at all. Heavy Flow Music is a band of two that sounds like a band of four. They have really mastered the craft of elevating sound with the music that they make. When they played their set, you couldn't believe all of this sound was only coming from two people. They also went to let us know they pry on that. They know people already underestimate them for being a two-person band, and they use that to their advantage. Their music has an old-school flow that sits well with rock lovers. They play what they love music-wise and pay attention to the greats as they look to become one of them. They said this two-headed monster is just as strong as an army, and their music backs it up. You could hear people dancing and moshing downstairs as the night was coming to an end. When we asked them about their experience, they kept it short and sweet: "Neon Jungle, call us again". They really enjoyed how the crowd rocked out with them and how the staff was very professional. Nothing but high praise from our headliners of the night. The Jersey takeover at Neon Jungle was successful; are you ready for another one?

Photos by @wesleyandproductions 


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