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From SC To Philly Neon Jungle Shows Out

Written by Cutty 

This past Saturday, Neon Jungle hosted another live band show, and it was one for the books. The whole night felt like one big rock show as people made a mosh pit every chance they got. This night was special as the headliner of the night was currently on tour and came from Charleton, SC, to come and perform alongside the tristate legends of the basement. The night's bands included Hyacinth, Today is..., The Sex Monkeys, and the night's headliners, Baby Yaga Band. The night was filled with Dirty Shirleys and sweat from the mosh pits, but the talent of the night made it all an amazing night. 

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The first band set the night off perfectly; the crowd gave Hyacinth great feedback and a standing ovation, and that's what let us know this was going to be a good night. It is also amazing to see three women in a band rocking out and leading the way. The band after them caught our attention because they said the right thing. They were from Jersey, and the band Today is... came on very confident, with their first song being an unreleased song. One of their fans even had a shirt of theirs on, and the people gave them a standing ovation after every song. 

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The energy in the room was unmatched all night; people were smiling, people were telling stories, and last but not least, people were mosh pitting. The night really got going when The Sex Monkeys took the stage. People made a mostpit for the majority of their set. You had to make sure you were on it. The band had been there twice before, so the crowd was delighted to see them again this year. Every song they did, you could hear people screaming for joy, mosh-pitting around, and enjoying the sounds of the band. This was a great sight to see; you could feel the love the crowd had for them. 

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The band of the night came from outside of Philly. It was good to hear some different sounds with Baby Yaga Band coming all the way from Charleston, SC. Even though it was their first time ever in Philadelphia, they gave the city a performance that had people off their feet. They had merchandise available for purchase by the audience. They also brought smiles to people's faces as they performed songs off of their EP "Same Shit, Different Dick," which made the crowd erupt into a "Dick" chant. The band put everything on the line and received great feedback, as you could hear someone in the crowd scream, "I'm a big fan now." For their first time in Philadelphia, it was a mission success. Make sure to follow Neon Jungle to be able to find out when the next show is.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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