Creating An Action Plan For Your Music


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Action Plan For Your Music

Written by Cutty 

It's a new year, and we want to give you guys the best advice on what to do with that new music you have. One thing you should add to your music checklist this year is an action plan behind the music you are releasing. There are numerous resources available for artists to use when releasing music. Having an action plan behind your music will show you the steps needed to get where you're going. Many artists have goals of their own they set at the top of the year, so the best way to see them happen is to put an action plan behind them. Sit down and write down your intentions for the project or single. Do you want a billboard? Do you want to set up a challenge for your latest single? Writing these things down will help you focus on them and get them accomplished. So start the year right, start putting action plans together, and write out your expectations for the project and how you will accomplish it. If you want to chart or reach 500K streams this year, It's all possible if you write out your intentions.

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What makes an action plan so important? It helps you stay on track with your music. Writing down your intentions with your music will keep you accountable for making them possible. It can also be a roadmap for you if you ever get lost. Seeing your action plan can help you stay motivated when things start to slow down because you can look at your list and work on knocking off the next item. You can spread out your action plan so that it keeps you busy for several weeks. Maybe you want to do 10 interviews, but you only want to do two a week. You can make your action plan however you want, but start writing it down so you can always go back to it. You want to keep yourself on a plan so you can achieve the maximum potential of your music. This is something so simple that most people don't do it. Why keep all of the ideas in your head? Write it down on paper, hold yourself accountable, and make it happen. You can check them off as you go; you'll feel better at the end of the list once it's finished.

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So how do you start? Well, start by writing out your expectations for the song. If you could live out the life of a record, what would you want to do? Where would you want it to go? Write out how many streams you want on it. Write out how many blogs you want it on and which blog you want it on. (Hopefully, Jersey Watch is the #1 option, lol.) Start there, and the ideas will start to spill onto the page. You will know where you want your record to go; maybe you even just want to shoot a music video. Just make sure you write it down so you can hold yourself accountable. Action plans help you mentally by allowing you to see your progress and appreciate what you've accomplished. So it's 2023; let's try something new and start writing down your action plans for the music you're going to release. Write down everything you want it to do and how far you want it to go. Let us know at the end of the year what it did for you.


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