Kensington Derby & Arts Festival - Mudpit Mixtape Recap


First-Ever Mudpit Mixtape Live Showcase

Philadelphia opens its doors again to the indie community in a strong way. This year at the Kensington Derby & Arts Festival they did something very different that has never been done. It was a platform created with the help of Phant Productions and Philadelphia music mogul Sam Malone "Mudpit Mixtape" which was a live showcase at the derby. Cutty TV's own Lee Lee was in attendance to give us the behind-the-scenes. The derby had over 10,000 people in attendance even with it raining. This was a major opportunity for an indie artist to not only get seen but heard also by new people who may have never heard their music. The derby itself had some great vendors in the building which brought in a different crowd. They had locally owned beer companies and homemade soaps and so much more. They were even selling goatmilk if you had a taste for it. It was something anyone could enjoy for sure. 

The one thing about Philly is they love talent, and when they get an opportunity to let it thrive they will. The host of the Mudpit Mixtape was Sam Malone of Sippin Wit Sammie with DJ Nate by his side holding down the ones and twos. There was so much talent in the Mudpit Mixtape series itself artist-wise, the lineup was very impressive that the crowd gave a very good response after the whole thing was over. County Kravitz was in the building performing his single "Stay Solid", and the crowd gave a strong reaction to it while he was performing. Artist Ma_Jay also performed and was a crowd-pleaser. The people loved her strong female presence on stage. We even got to see a special appearance from Ace Da Khemist. There was so much talent we couldn't mention them all. 

The Mudpit Mixtape series was a success for Philly, for the artist that performed and we think it will bring a new outlook on the festivals in Philadelphia and put more indie talent on the stages. It's one good step towards a brighter future for everyone who is an indie artist in Philadelphia. Stay updated to learn more.


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