New Music Tuesday : EP Rio - Freestyle


(EP Rio - Freestyle) - New Music Tuesday

We would like to introduce you to EP Rio a new artist from New Orleans, Lousiana. Making his debut to the scene in the music industry, he has been writing lyrics and spitting rhymes since he was young. All of that experience paid off as he is here with his latest single. In this freestyle EP Rio, gives you a taste of what he has been through and what his mission is in the music industry. He plans on making an imprint with the new generation of artists coming into the music industry. His flow is a fresh taste and will definitely have people interested. His music comes from the heart making a fanbase not hard for him to develop. He is here to say "One day I will be the biggest name in the world" so we are here to show you who he is. You can hear EP Rio latest single right here on Jersey Watch! Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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