Cutty TV Interview : Don Williams & Wilson


Exclusive Interview: Don Williams & Wilson

For years, Don Williams has been making people laugh. He started at just the young age of 11 working on his acts and mastering his skill. He grew up in Virginia where comedy was everywhere. He fell in love with the idea of an alter ego and learned from many of the greats ahead of his time. He picked up a doll and started his adventure. At first, people had mixed emotions but if you ask Don it was the start of something beautiful. He did talent show after talent show and one day met the director of Showtime at the Apollo. He later went on to not only perform once but three times at the apollo and share the stage with some greats. He tells us everything from the beginning to how he got to Las Vegas to Xtreme Comedy Club. You can find out everything you need below, make sure to follow him to stay updated on his next show. 

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