What's going on Lil Mop Top? Find out where his album is


Lil Mop Top is back with new music for 2021, 

just where is it?

Lil Mop Top is back in 2021with new music, the only problem is they aren't letting him release it. Lil Mop Top was suppose to debut his second consecutive birthday album "Yes Its My Birthday" and United Master's has different plans for him. Find out whats going on with Lil Mop Top's latest album and more in this latest interview. If you are awaiting the album, we have the answers for you below so make sure you tune in and go check out the video he released on his birthday "Choir Boy" featuring Yung Kash Capre. 

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Lil Mop Top Exclusive Interview Part 1


Choir Boy Music Video 


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