Tru Money is making a "Rush" into 2021


Tru Money is just warming up for 2021

If you dont know who Tru Money is, his name is Christopher Thomas Duce who is out of Berkeley CA. He has been in the game for three years and wants to start 2021 with a rush! Just like his music video "Rush" which we cover in this article. Tru knows how hard it is to come up in the rap game, so this music video "Rush" is a statement to who he is and shows he wants to make a serious impression in 2021. The video was shot by Cashinfast and definitely something to look at! Its a song that puts you in a vibe and makes you bounce around to it. The video is fast paced and has very nice cuts and transitions. If you haven't heard of Tru Money yet, we suggest you start here and get in tune for what he is ready to give you in 2021! This is just the warm up! He has dropped more visuals after this so start here and catch up on what you may not know about yet! 

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Watch the music video below


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Watch Bonus Video "Mr. 2 Stepper"


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