Repost Thursdays Recap 04/16/20

Repost Thursdays - Given indie artist opportunities to have their fans help them win! 

It was the first annual Repost Thursdays and it was attended by more then 30+ indie artist around the tristate area! People from NYC to Philadelphia was involved in this Repost Thursdays! Keefyyano took heat early in the day leading the pack of comments his fan base came to show major love as soon as his video went up, then Reub Boy came in and caught up shortly after him. It was a head to head race until Cappaino got in tune and things really started getting hot. It took one submission from ayo modd for things to really start going crazy on our IG Page today! People like Adonis seen it and hopped into the repost Thursdays himself! Halfway throughout the day people from all over were submitting but Ayo Modd and Reub Boy were in front and we were on our way to seeing who was going to take home! Later that night Ayo Modd fans came in one last array and left Modd with a hefty 150 Comments on his post as he left his competition behind with second place only having 70 comments! You will see an exclusive write up on Ayo Modd's latest music video coming soon to Jersey Watch! 

Make sure to follow the winner of Todays Repost Thursday 

Ayo Modd -


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