Exclusive Listen - Phitted "Sorry for your lost" EP

Exclusive Listen: Phitted "Sorry for your lost" EP 

We had a chance to listen to Phitted's upcoming EP before release and we are here to give you the details about it 

If you are a fan of Phitted you have been waiting for new music for quite sometime now! The wait is over, Phitted is on his way to release his latest project "Sorry for your lost" which was produced, recorded, mixed and masted by himself! The tape starts you off with the Phitted sound you know with "Mayo" & "Speed Racer" if you are a fan of his past music you will quickly become familiar and fall in love with these two songs. The transition begins with "Spark" & "Hell Raiser" where you find yourself bopping your head more then twice! Halfway through the tape your starting to gain traction and he cools you down with his last two "Defense" and "Self Reflect" where he gives you a piece of who Phitted is and more personal connections come along! Overall Solid project and you guys are in store for a treat when it releases! You will definitely love "Hell Raiser"! Thats the Jersey Watch Pick of the EP. 

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