Music Review - Kenz "Through The Motions"

South Jersey Music Artist Kenz dropped a new single! 

It may be a pandemic going on but South Jersey Music Artist Kenz is back with new music for you to enjoy while your inside! With her past release of her EP "Half Full" she is here with a new single called "Through the motions" we had a chance to listen to it and we asked what does she want the people to know listening to this and she replied "The single is called, "Through the Motions." The song speaks on the idea of what it feels like to be going through the motions of everyday life and the same routine. You start to get disappointed in yourself for not living the life you deserve and losing your joy. It also touches on how a toxic relationship can only make this feeling worse." I think right now we can all relate! So listen to the track below and give us what you think of this! 

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