Exclusive Listen - Digital Crates - Here album

Digital Crates is back with a new album during the quarantine! We got a chance to hear it! 

Digital Crates hasn't let off the gas when it comes to dropping music in 2020! He is back again with another album during the quarantine. Recently last week Digital Crates gifted the world around 4/20 with a treat a album called Anyways which is available now on all platforms! The vibes on this album starts you off in a dancing mood it makes you want to get off your feet and grab your partner! So if you need something for the quarantine parties you can definitely find a track like that just in the first couple singles on the album. He also gives you something to send to a significant other to show them you love them! The vibes on this album is perfect for covid-19 so grab your significant other and get ready for this album coming in may! Make sure you catch up below on Digital Crates latest album "Anyways" 

Digital Crates - Here Album 
Release Date - May 1st

Anyways EP 


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