It Was A Psychedelic Rave At Neon Jungle This Week


This Week At Neon Jungle Was A Good One

Written by Cutty 

Neon Jungle has been known as the go-to for basement parties on Saturdays. This week we were able to see something different, aside from rock music. This week was for the psychedelic lovers, and they got their show plus more. This week's lineup consisted of The Jette Planes, Wallace, Tonight, Riko and Whaler Collective, and Liquid Pennies. It was a very special show tonight as it wasn’t what the crowd was used to; this week we changed things up and the crowd enjoyed it from the rip. People sang, they laughed, and they bought vinyl and cassette tapes all night. It was a special night because you could feel how much everyone enjoyed being around each other. The music of the night definitely helped that feeling, as all of the bands exploded in their own way and made the night historic. It was a good night to be at Neon Jungle as the headliner was on tour and came all the way from Tampa Bay, Florida. This was going to be a night like no other.

The best way to start the night is to start with the Philly band, The Jette Planes, who are a young band going far. They had the crowd locked in, and while they were performing, everyone was watching. Nobody was upstairs during the performance, but every lady in the building was loving the performance, as you can hear them singing along to the songs the band played. They give you an amazing vibe when they play; their music sounds timeless, and you could hear their guitarist from the back of the room as the cords just hit your ears. They also gave the Neon Jungle crowd a treat for all the support and performed some unreleased music that should be released soon. The crowd was not disappointed with the music that they heard. Following behind them was Wallace, Tonight, who is fantastic, to say the least. With a band of 5 members, they each excel in their own way, giving you an amazing performance. Their lead singer did an amazing job leading the way for the band. The crowd was seen rocking their heads back and forth as they were locked into the performance they were giving. They gave you that real rockstar feel, as on their last song you could hear the people downstairs chanting loudly. They set the energy for the rest of the night.

The energy didn’t just stop there. What appeared to be a moshpit-free night quickly turned around when Riko and Whaler Collective took the stage. This band opened up the mosh pit for the night, giving the crowd such high energy during their performance. You could see people getting pumped up, as one person was seen hanging from the ceiling. As the person started hanging, the guitar player in the band decided to join him. It was so dope to see the energy start to pick up once they hit the stage. At one point, the band said, "Make sure you're having fun and being safe, guys." It was an amazing thing to see just how much energy can be filled in a room just by music. The crowd really enjoyed Riko and Whaler Collective, as when the last song came around, everyone was off their feet.

To end the night right, we had a special guest in the house. Liquid Pennies, a band from Tampa Bay, Florida, is currently on tour, with Neon Jungle being one of their stops. Their sound is what made them stick out so much, as it was very clear. You could hear their instruments playing all the way upstairs. They carried on the energy of the night, ready to end this amazing night for the Neon Jungle fans. Throughout the performance, people were actively on their feet. They really gave you that rockstar feel, you could feel the energy in the crowd build up as the members checked up on each other to make sure they were good, and everyone was all smiles. Liquid Pennies performed songs off of the cassette tapes they had for sale, which caused a line upstairs with people ready to buy 2-3 at a time. Philly gave them a lot of love for their first time out here, and you can tell they really enjoyed themselves and picked up a whole array of fans ready for them to come back. It was one of the greatest nights in Neon Jungle history and set the trend for what’s to come in the near future.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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