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"Beast On A Beat" 
Cold Turkey 

Written by Cutty 

Last night, we had the pleasure to check out Craig Lynch’s "Beast On A Beat," which is a beat battle for the big press conference on December 4th. It's a competition in which local producers compete head-to-head to see who comes out on top. You get to see some veterans in the game and some newcomers, so it’s a perfect place to check out some unique beat creators. The producers in this battle were plentiful, with two highlights of the night coming from Main Event star Shawn Major and Rick from the Scumbagz, both of whom won their battles on the night. There were also some cannabis vendors and headline performances that put the icing on the cake for the night. Here are some highlights from the night that we wanted to share with you.

 Along with the regular CLDMENT crew, Entertainment Mogul Cutty and Recording Artist Dre Artist served as guest judges for the beat battle event. The Duo of TNT, among others, were present in the building. The beat battle itself was very impressive. For the first contender, who won in a surprise, the fact that his beats were originally made gave him the upper hand. Maze and Conmadethis were another standout battle. Those two went head to head but in the end, Con had an answer for everything Maze put out. Leaving everyone surprised in the end, this being their first battle. It was a couple of other battles that had the people on their feet. It's definitely a good night for freestylers to be in the building. These producers came with a lot of heat, and the people enjoyed all of the battles. Coming soon to YouTube, "Beast On The Beat" will feature performances from Jermel Silverback, who went up against a big dog and held his own.

The other half of the night was filled with some dope performances as well, including Nick Drilla, Cheezo, King Shinobe, and more. These artists stood out for us, we loved their performances as they worked the room and made the people feel their presence. They showed the crowd that this is what it takes to be a hot artist, making the people of New Jersey proud. The headliner of the night, Dre Artist, came with some heat for the people. He performed his most recent single, "Blackenese 2," a follow-up to his first single. All of the anime fans in the building caught all of the little inserts in the single. Showing his true artistic side, Dre Artist had the building going crazy. Make sure you check out both parts of the Blackenese series. It was a good night for music at the beat battle; you got to see great performances and hear some dope beats. Are you ready for the next one on November 25th?

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