4th Annual Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Music Festival


4th Annual Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Music Festival

Written by Cutty 

It was the 4th Annual Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Music Festival at Area 15 in Las Vegas on July 10th. All Access Vegas put together the event as they do every year and this year they made sure it was extra special. Before we even begin with the event Sheldon Cooper has broken history by being the first to throw a cannabis-influenced event at Area 15. The venue itself is absolutely beautiful and added so much more value to the event itself. They were fully open so before visitors went to the Cannabis Awards they were able to enjoy Area 15. This gave the people this year an experience like no other. 

This year, the Cannabis Awards was different, we saw a lot of new faces and a lot of returning faces. Tattoos and Smoke was set up as soon as you walked in along with AGV Photo booth which gave out some awesome photos for the people who attended the event. This year was no different, they didn't allow consumption in the event so they made sure the event was fun in other ways. Custom Hat Pins had some dope one-of-one collectible pins you could purchase to remember this year's Cannabis Awards forever. Returning faces like Live To Blaze & Biggie's Smoke Shop also was in the building with their tables set up with new gear for people to see. 

Another memorable moment was the art created by Stoner Dude Art, He created again this year's artwork that was on some of the exclusive t-shirts only sold the day of. It was so many artists in the building showing off their work. They had painters of all kinds in attendance showing off their work. The people definitely were able to find something to take home to remember the event they were at. 

You can always find the loyal people who have been a part of the award show since day one like Jardin in attendance, they won over 5 trophies at this event and were again a sponsor. Jardin was the first dispensary to sponsor the event 4 years ago and now 4 years later have won over 20+ awards at the cannabis awards. You can't forget people like Burndown Official and Royal Blunts who are frequent faces at the event. Rove Brand also made another appearance at the Cannabis Awards. 

The one thing that is always consistent in the Cannabis Awards is the performances. They had over 20+ artists on two different stages. Both stages have their own caliber of artists to hit the stage. Artist Chucky Chuck above was on one of the main stages and had the crowd going insane. This stage was shared with the one and only Mike Jones. Mike Jones not only performed but brought out some special guests like B2K who he announced is his newest artist. So the people had a show on this stage all night. 

Then on the other side, you have another stage full of talented artists, and did we forget to mention Lil Xan also. Lil Xan headlined on the second stage and gave the crowd another great performance as he did the last time the people saw him. He seems to be getting better and happier every time we see him. This stage was also shared with Spice 1 an artist who has been a part of the Cannabis Awards since day 1. So both stages in fact had their own favorite depending on who you listened to. 

So after a long hot day in Las Vegas, the Cannabis Awards was over and it was successful. It was so many vendors and performers and so many people who were a part of this event. You can watch the exclusive content on Cutty TV for a more in-depth view. Follow the Cannabis Awards so you can attend the one in Oklahoma City which will be the first one ever. So get your tickets today! 

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4th Annual Las Vegas Cannabis Awards Music Festival Recap


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