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Jay Copes is back with more heat in 2022

The sound created by the combination of rhythm and blues is harmonious. 'The blues' tells the story of black struggle and triumph in America. In the mind, a blues song becomes a full-fledged film when paired with creative rhythms. The sweet concoction of the two sounds creates a scenic vibe in the listener's mind. That's what R&B is. With his ode to this genre of music, Jay Copes embodies black music culture. Jay Copes is a passionate and well-rounded singer from Camden, New Jersey. Following his retirement from collegiate sports, he embarked on a music career. To his success, he attributes a strong spiritual connection, family values, and self-awareness. The musician has performed alongside living legends while picking up gems from music game-changers. His noble spirit and rich values have contributed to his success as an artist. He is determined to take the extra mile by consistently fulfilling his duties in all aspects of his life. 

We discussed Jay Copes' entry into the music industry, memorable highlights of his career, and the upcoming release of an EP project in an exclusive interview. For independent artists, he offers advice on how to be a successful artist while still maintaining a home life.

Hey Jay! I appreciate you scheduling time to talk to me. How are you doing?


I am fine, I cannot complain. My family is doing well, and I will release an EP soon. So, what's up with you?


All is well, and it is certainly great talking to you. The last two years have been busy for you. 13 singles were released, you performed on a few big stages, and you are working on some new music. When you hustle and go hard the way you do, where do you get the energy?


Honestly, I have a very good team that supports me. My career would not be possible without a supportive team. The support system I have around me consists of my parents, fiancé, and me. They help me stay organized each day. My day consists of going to the gym, taking care of my children, and working in the studio. My team understands the vision I have, and every day is a grind. The desire to achieve whatever I focus on always existed in me. For me to be successful with my music career, I had to take it more seriously. Being driven by that mindset and knowing that I have a team supporting my dreams has always kept me motivated.

I'm impressed with the workmanship skills displayed here. The ability to achieve your dreams while balancing the duties life throws at you proves your dedication to your career. What made you discover your love of music, and then what made you decide to pursue a career in music?  


After my cousin, with whom I played sports in high school, suffered an injury, he began working on his music career. I was inspired to dedicate myself more to music after seeing my cousin's journey. When I was in class, I had a habit of humming to myself during tests, not able to get rid of the music in my head. I remember being kicked out of class for this practice. I attended Delaware State as a football player on a partial football scholarship after graduating from high school. I found it difficult to focus on my football career because my heart was set on doing music while I was there. I eventually became a full-time musician.


Let's talk more about how you discovered your passion for music. Were you involved in any music programs as a child? What was the moment in your life when you realized you had musical talent?


Ironically, I played several instruments and sang in chorale while in grade school. As a child, I would listen to the same artists my parents listened to, but somewhere along the line, I lost my passion for music. While I was playing sports, I got distracted from my dreams, but God pulled me back to music. When I was in high school, I thought my passion was to make it to the league, but that wasn't God's plan.

After reflecting on my journey to success, I realize how the ups and downs of life manifest our full potential as artists. My favorite song of yours is "Signs." How did you come up with the lyrics for that song and what was going on in your life at the time?


Having written Signs at such a pivotal time in my career makes it a big song. During the years following my schooling, I had always had jobs, but for three years before writing the song, I had worked for the same company. I felt discouraged when I found out my girlfriend was also pregnant with twins. As a Christian, my first call was to God. I was desperate to figure out what my next step could be. It had been six months since I'd been in the studio, and I didn't have an extra source of income to support my music career. I then decided to quit my job and start my own landscaping company. As a result of starting my own business, I could finally support my family and my career. When I returned to the studio, I recorded Signs. While writing this song, I was reminded to never give up on myself or my dreams. As soon as I made the song, opportunities began coming my way. My fans should know that whenever they feel mentally low, or things aren't moving forward as quickly as they should, don't give up because the next step you take could put you in a better position. Without my support team, I would not be able to hustle as hard as I do. As a young father of two, supporting my family and career financially isn't easy, but without them and God, I wouldn't be able to do it. 


What a powerful testimony! It is inspirational for those who believe as you do to be spiritually inclined and to keep a connection with God, so I can appreciate your honesty. 


I heavily influenced the creative concept of the Signs video. I wanted fans to see my fiancé and my twins. I wanted my listeners and supporters to see my family unit because I wanted that part of my life to resonate well with them. My family is a very important part of my life.

I believe so, especially with the ladies who listen to your music. Positively, your music appeals to female listeners. In a lot of music, women aren't portrayed in the most positive light. The music you create, however, proves the value of women and demonstrates the importance of treating them with respect. When it comes to writing about women in a way that represents your moral beliefs, who would you say has had the greatest impact on you?



I'm a mama's boy at heart. Women, in my opinion, deserve the utmost respect because, without them, we wouldn't exist. As men, we should never underestimate the power of a woman. This is how I was raised by my father. He trained me well for manhood. Thanks be to God; my parents are still together. I've never been a guy who enjoys having multiple women, so the respect I have for women comes from watching how my father treats my mother. 


Wow, I love it! It is amazing how much you have grown into such a responsible adult after growing up in such a structured family like yours. There isn't only one way to leave a legacy, but it certainly ensures you follow in those footsteps. I heard you mentioned working on an EP, let's talk about that a bit. 


First, let me apologize to my fans for the long wait. There will be music soon. My music takes time to grow on me, so I like to take my time with my projects. As a result, I can relate to my listeners and give them what they want to hear. My project is called "Lessons to Blessings". This project depicts a story of infidelity in a relationship and how to atone for it after such a trial. The situation doesn't apply to my own life; however, I know many people can relate to this subject at this time. 

Storytelling is something I admire about you. I think the concept of this project resembles Beyoncé's Lemonade album. Therefore, in essence, this will be the male version of Lemonade. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Let me share with you one highlight in your career that stands out to me the most. Fat Joe recently allowed you to showcase your talent on Instagram. Can you tell me about the experience you shared with him and did any opportunities follow? 


It was a crazy experience for me because I had just been posted by another celebrity. During that day, things were slow in the studio, so my team left early, but I stayed behind to finish some work. Fat Joe was on Instagram live showcasing other artists' music. I seized the opportunity and spammed his comment section in hopes that he would notice me and let me join his live. In his comment section, I probably left about 1,000 comments. I was eager to show him my work. I was brought up towards the end of his live and he told me he was going to get off, but he saw how relentless and driven I was, so he gave me the chance. After that opportunity, I was able to communicate with Fat Joe through our DMS. Now I'm able to have someone as an ally in New York. Because of this, I appreciated the whole experience because it helped me take another step forward. This shows that when you put in the extra work great opportunities begin to present themselves to you. I probably wouldn't have gotten that opportunity if I had left the studio early like everyone else.


Wow, what a dope experience! The night I watched the live event, I was so moved by the whole thing because it really showed the payoff of hard work and dedication. I think you made Camden very proud that night. Would you like to tell me about a recent moment you shared with Joey Bada$$ on Instagram?


Yes, I met Joey backstage at the Atlanta Revolt Conference. We finally got a chance to talk after passing each other throughout the night. I exchanged my music with him, and he liked it. After listening to it, he gave me some encouraging feedback. As he explained to me, my high-spirited energy was the reason he approached me. He taught me that people can discern your character by reading your body language and emotions to determine whether you are thinking negatively or positively. The most important message he conveyed to me was to keep my energy pure throughout my musical journey. As a result of that encounter, we were able to maintain a relationship where we could exchange gems. No matter how far we think we are from achieving our goals, we are going to cross paths with individuals like Joey Bada$$ who will reassure you that you are doing the right thing. This will motivate you to stay focused on your career. If you think like that, nothing will keep you from achieving an opportunity such as this.

Wow, what a wonderful experience to share. Do you have any advice you want to share with our readers who are independent artists before we go? 


I entered the industry under the impression that everything was pure love, and the outpouring of support would be pure. That wasn't entirely true, but that doesn't make the industry a bad place to be. There are advantages to being in this industry, but you must also be smart and make moves in a particular way to succeed. It is extremely important to keep your name, your image, and your brand clean because it is who you are. Protect your image at all costs. There are ups and downs to being independent. You need a team that supports you fully. It is important to have a team who can support you through both phases of your journey when things are going well as well as when things are going badly. It is important to align your mental and physical strengths. If you are facing trials, bottle them up and put them in your back. They will provide you with the battery fuel that will motivate you to keep going. In life, we all reach a point where the uncertainty of our future causes depression and makes us want to quit. You could be great at what you do, but the stress of it all will cause you to give up. My message to young and established artists is to never give up because you never know where an opportunity might lead.

Be sure to follow Jay Copes' progress as he sings his way to success. He demonstrates to the world and his fans that it is possible to have a family and a successful music career if you remain dedicated and motivated to reach your dreams.    

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