The Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown of 2021


The Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown

We are proud to present to you the Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown of 2021. This is the Top 10 videos from our website in the year 2021. We watched almost every video on the site to get these videos picked and personally picked them ourselves. The music production was done by Yo Audio for our Top 10 as you'll be seeing him more on our platforms. We have features on here like Lil Mop Top who went #1 on our season finale last year. He came onto the Top 10 this year with his feature Skvwalker. The song they did together was a bop, it gets you out of your seat and the hook is very catchy. 

lil mop top skvwalker

Lil Mop Top & Skvwalker 

This Top 10 countdown was really special because we went through a lot of videos before picking the final 10. People like Worldisgualaa and King Shinobe who aren't shy to the platform at all, had to be placed in the top 10 as they worked hard all 2021. They both have been making moves and investing inside of their careers heavily in the past couple of months. King Shinobe showcases his lyrical ability in his song "No Habla" giving you an instant classic. While Worldisgualaa comes with a feature on his single that is memorable to anyone who hears the song. Lil Muk compliments Worldisgualaa and brings on the question when will we hear this again?



We were impressed by Troy Reign since day 1 we watched his video. While his video wasn't the craziest it was creative in its own way. It has something you can move your shoulders to and a small message at the end enough to make our Top 10 this year. We definitely couldn't end the year without giving you guys the Prlm Chld video one more time either! This video has been going viral since day 1 and is professionally done we are proud to put them on our Top 10 this year. 

prlm chld

Prlm Chld

We wanted to look for major creativity and spoken word. We wanted to bring something to the countdown that would make you remember it. Ryze's song Catipult came to mind. It had been on our website when it was first released and people loved it. It's a mix of creative and real that you love in music. It was a no-brainer we added this song to the Top 10. This is what you want to hear when you wake up. 



We also have some special special songs on there. You know the songs that you cherish because your that person that really knows music and you have been studying it since you were young. We got that also, making his debut to the Top 10 this year was YQ Dreams with his song "God's Gift". This song is a message not only for the people but for everyone in our culture. It's a special song that may get overlooked now but will be a golden classic in the coming years. We also have something for the ladies too, The goddess herself Suzann Christine couldn't get left out of the Top 10 as she is the only female on the Top 10 this year making a statement for herself. She has been making great music since she walked into the game with her single "Fallen Tears" and we want to show you why she made it to the top 10 with her single "Levels" which will be any female's favorite after listening. 

suzann christine

Suzann Christine 

We hate to tell you one of the videos on there can not be watched because of a copyright issue, it is normal when you license your music. Only Jahmez made our top 10 this year and had his single "Thoughts" on there. It is an amazing song that if you have youtube you should go watch. You will see why it was in the top 10 this year! The video that everyone agreed on was Jimmy Dinero. Jimmy Dinero not only put only some major singles this year but worked on a couple great projects and this year we had to give him his flowers with the vision he put into his music video. His single "Loco" is not only in Spanish but in English so it's a twist for you, that well we just have to see what you think of it. 

jimmy dinero

Jimmy Dinero 

So now that you know why we picked everyone, go see where everyone lands on the top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown and tell us if we did good! These were the Top 10 Videos from our website this year from artists all over! We picked them for you guys to have something to enjoy! Do you want to see this on an annual basis? Well, let us know in the comments below! 

The Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown


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