50 players, one winner! who won the squid games?

999 Productions presents
Another Squid Game Party

It was the party of the year in Brooklyn NYC on December 18th. Another Squidgame Party was an absolute movie. We should start with the games first, it was 50 players signed up and they had to survive a real-life squid games. The games included Red Light, Green Light, Tug-O-War, Beanbag toss, The Paqui one chip challenge, and last but not least a good game of Giant beer pong. The story goes, a lot of people got eliminated during the one chip and the red light, green light alone! It was a long night but one person survived everything! The winner of the night was Billie Jean, she beat everyone! The host of the night Sammiey, Trev Mulah, and Jigga Flames were shocked. Billie Jean came to play and she impressed everyone. Unregular pizza one of the sponsors of the event made sure everyone was fed during the games, they dropped off 20+ pizzas for everyone in the party to enjoy. Another sponsor of the event was LSG Software Solutions. If you needed anything exotic, Copadoble one of the vendors came with snacks only found across the country and not in the united states. To top everything off LA Finca was there with some of the best cannabis in New York City, supplying the whole party with the green for the night. It was a night to remember if you missed it. There were also performances by Mizzy Hendrix, Aullan, GualaSix, Reub Boy, Yun Nostra, and PM. There were also special headliners for the night including Jigga Flames, Trev Mulah, and Lil Mop Top who gave the crowd a show to remember. If you missed any of this then you will have to wait for the full recap to come out from Shotbyfrzz until then make sure you follow 999 Productions and Lil Mop Top so you don't miss out on the next event.



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