Happy Labor Day (Our highlighted artist of the week)


We at Jersey Watch would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day!

We know today is a day of family, and being together. So we wanted to give you guys some artists we have been looking at all week and give them their flowers now for working hard! We hope you check them all out and check out their music! Make sure you tell them you've seen them on Jersey Watch!

Only Jahmez

Only Jahmez has been making a killing on our blog for quite some time now. His recent video "Demons" caught our attention. It hit over 50K within a couple of days. He also did some major shows last month that really made us want to highlight him. He has a gift and you should know about him now. 


Ace Da Khemist

Ace da Khemist has been on the scene for a while, working with people like Tayroc and OT the Real and more Philly legends. This week he threw a birthday bash in Philadelphia and brought out a lot of people and had it lit, He had people even fly in from California. Check him out and his music. 


Cali Tha Chef

Cali tha chef just got back from a tour where he hit the west coast and the east coast. He has also given not only himself but other artists opportunities. He has been dropping video after video for the past two months. He has been making sure to stay in the limelight this summer and we want you to check him out. 



Indika has been making a lot of moves this summer. Most recently getting sponsored by Onlyfans she has so much content that's about to come out. She has been doing shows not only in Las Vegas but Los Angeles also. Check out her music and tell us what you think! 


Jo Rivers

Jo Rivers has been doing it all! From being a radio personality to singing her heart out. She has a voice only you can love, she has been putting in major work since the summer started. She just dropped a new single that has been getting played everywhere. Make sure to check her out and check out her music! 

We wanted you to check these out and have some tunes to enjoy for this beautiful Labor Day weekend! Let us know what you think! 

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