Come meet Lil Jimi an artist from AL now in ATL


Artist Lil Jimi is fresh to the scene, but not new to music

Lil Jimi is a new hot artist from Anniston AL, he is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is new to the scene and has just recently joined Tr3ndal. Tr3ndal is a media company now working out of Atlanta, this collaboration will definitely be beneficial on both sides. Tr3ndal has been known to make major moves on the east coast. All of this happened when Lil Jimi made the decision to move to Atlanta to pursue his music dreams. He is looking to become one of the biggest in the industry, he is dedicated to getting people to hear him. We have an exclusive interview and some music for you to check out. His newest single "Latest" is below let us know what you think. Will Lil Jimi be the next one out of Alabama? 

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Watch his exclusive interview with Tr3ndal 


Listen to his single "Latest"


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