God's Gift by YQ Dreams - the song made for the people.

YQ Dreams latest video "God's Gift"

YQ Dreams is an artist out of NJ who has been on the scene for quite some time now. You may know him from his feature in the source magazine or maybe you saw him on hiphop weekly. This time he is back and he brought a new sound to you. YQ has made a new song directly for the people called "God's Gift". The video shows homage to the people struggling through these hard times we are going through right now in our world. He is using a Malcolm X theme to bring in the emotion of the video that makes you listen to every word he is saying, he wants to spread light to all of the black situation going on in America. We know we aren't all treated equally but an artist like YQ Dreams knows he can use his platform for the greater good and bring people together with his music. If you are someone who wants a change in the world then this video is for you to see. Make sure to stay updated with YQ Dreams on his journey as he is taking his way to the top! 

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