Gone but never forgotten, Today is Chapo Day celebrating Vell Chapo


Today is Vell Chapo Day 

A young artist by the name of Vell Chapo from Willingboro, NJ. Has been given his own day if you ask the people in Willingboro NJ. Vell Chapo was an upcoming artist who was excelling in many things in the music industry. You could say he was "Most Hated Hoe's Favorite". One of his major lines he used, he has been seen performing at Lincoln University alongside other NJ artists like Marty Rantzen and more. He dropped two mixtapes on Soundcloud that caused him to start gain traction in the community which led him to his performance opportunity. The collab videos he did with TyGotACam are people's favorite, with his latest video being "Closing In". Unfortunately he was taken too early before he could release his debut album. So his family and friends made sure to give you guys one last project. So make sure you stream it today if you never heard him! His latest project "LLV" has hit songs on it like "Spoken too" and "90's Freestyle" and the leading singles like ".45" and "Gangsta Prayer". It is a legendary project that will be played for years to come. We invite you to listen. 

Vell Chapo Debut Album "LLV"


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