ONLY JAHMEZ has shut down December with a feature from Lil Wayne NJ Stand up!


Only Jahmez has raised the bar for 2021. Every indie artist pay attention 

Only Jahmez a New Jersey indie rapper has been on the scene for quite a while now. Making an appearance to Cutty TV on the Top 10 Indie Music Video Countdown we always knew he was going to be something special. Jahmez started to turn heads when he dropped the single "Fxck Rules" which the music video caught our's as it made the Top 10. Since then Jahmez has been working with Sloppy Vinyl to become one of the biggest record labels in the world. Freshly letting the world know about his partnership he started to drop singles and visuals using the Sloppy Vinyl name. On this day you can say the stock for them just sky rocketed as Jahmez has released his latest single on Soundcloud " Tiff Bannister " featuring the iconic Lil Wayne. At first it may look like nothing but when you listen you hear that lil Wayne verse you are sold this is going to be the most talked about song in 2021. The flow behind it is complimenting Only Jahmez as he showcases his talents on the track. Lil Wayne didn't do nothing less then what we expect in his verse giving this song a replay after replay if you listen! This is one of the biggest moves from an indie artist since COVID-19 hit. What will we see next out of Only Jahmez in 2021? Follow him to find out! 

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Tiff Bannister Official Audio


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