The 6th Annual Natural Mystic Fair Weekend


The 6th Annual Natural Mystic Fair

It was the 6th Annual Natural Mystic Fair in Atlanta Georgia and it was a filled weekend indeed! Day 1 started in the Cascade Nature Preserve where Tassili Maat gave a healing for everyone there, she also gave us a speech about our ancestors and just more about whats going on in the world, Raury was the special guest performer of the night as he had everyone in the woods dancing, smiling, and enjoying the nice soothing music being played. It was an experience that could completely change your life and to think this is only day 1. Onto day 2 we were in the backyard of Tassili Raw Reality Cafe, Day 2 was filled with performances, and live speaking. There was people who spoke about the spirits, astrology, and the overall being! Every speaker had a touching story and made you feel what they were saying! The artist who took the stage were all talented and had amazing music to follow. There was black owned vendors all around, everyone out there either made their items or provided a service it was an experience for sure. Day 3 was the final day and it was just as packed or maybe even more people came! People came from all over to be at this event, the speakers, the artist. Everyone involved it was an event you want to go to every year. We have a vlog of it below for you to see! If you are in the Atlanta area next year make sure you mark this on your calendars! 

The 6th Annual Natural Mystic Fair Vlog 


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